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Lynda Scalf-McIver, PhD

Psychotherapy . Psychoanalysis . Consultation . Supervision


About Dr. Scalf-McIver

I'm a licensed clinical psychologist certified in the practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.  I've been working with people to bring significant change to their lives for over 25 years.  I specialize in the individual treatment of anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and work-related issues.

My approach is to take the time to fully understand your unique personality and situation.  I collaborate with you to develop goals for your treatment that fit your needs and desires.  Your treatment is a journey toward deepening your understanding of yourself, improving your relationship with yourself and others, and gaining the freedom to live a more fully realized, meaningful life. 


My Approach to Treatment:


Anxiety restricts us, makes our lives smaller, and cripples our relationships with others.  In my approach to treating anxiety in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, I work with you to help you develop an understanding of the not-so-obvious reasons why you may be restricting your life and relationships.  I help you develop a sense of your own capacities and strength in the face of your fears, and we work together to allow you to free yourself from excessive worry, self-restriction, and inhibition, so you can live a fuller, more meaningful and satisfying life.  


Depression steals our enjoyment of life, saps us of our energy to do the things we love, keeps us from being a part of the world, and leaves us feeling worthless and lifeless.  In my approach to treating depression in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, we explore and develop together an understanding of the origins of your depression and sadness.  We work together to rid you of deadening thoughts and feelings and to develop the emotional energy to re-engage and re-invest yourself in your life.

Career Adjustment

We can sometimes find ourselves interfering with our own happiness in relationships.  From seeking relationships with people who are not good for us to engaging in patterns of behavior that cause us and others pain, to having insecurities that get in the way of developing strong, meaningful bonds with others - these are just a few of the ways that we find ourselves wanting more from our relationships and wondering what is wrong.  In my approach to psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, we explore together how these difficulties have developed, come to an understanding of the patterns that get in your way, and improve your capacity to engage in truly fulfilling relationships with others.

Work is a major part of our lives.  It can be a place where we find  meaning and derive great satisfaction, but there are many points along our career paths where we can struggle and feel stuck.  From the challenge of making foundational decisions at the beginning of our careers to feeling overwhelmed and out-of-balance in mid-career, to a loss of a sense of meaning as we move into retirement - our work makes a major contribution to our happiness in life.  In my approach to working on career-related issues, we sort through your unique life experiences, past and present, to gain a full understanding of how you can optimize your work life and bring it into balance with your overall life-goals and sense of yourself.  

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